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Immediate release of crude oil in a timely manner in the event of an interruption in oil imports is , along with ensuring safe base operations our highest mission at MOOS.
The company regularly conducts emergency release drills to maintain and improve readiness and to pass the requisite know-how on to the next generation of staff.
We believe that unperturbed judgments and the ability to take appropriate action for smooth and safe release operations in the face of the unexpected are bred by repeated drills according to the operation manual.
Each staff member possesses a sense of purpose and remains committed to acquiring the latest skills and knowledge, all the while carrying out his or her day-to-day assignments.
All of these efforts serve as preparation for expeditious and highly dependable emergency release operations whenever needed.

Fleet of Vessels Connecting Oil Marine Hoses to a Tanker

On Tanker to Connect Oil Marine Hose

Briefing for Loading

Companyfs Berth Master at the Wheelhouse of a Tanker

Tanker Mooring

Training by the Company