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Company profile

Company nameMutsu-Ogawara Oil Storage Co., LTD
EstablishedDecember 1979
Capital50,000,000 yen
StockholdersENEOS Corporation
Aomori prefecture
Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
Cosmo oil Co., Ltd
Business contentsOperations and management of the Mutsu-Ogawara National Petroleum Stockpiling Base

Highlights in Company History

December1979MOOS was established in Tokyo as the first
government-sponsored entity
June1980Rokkasho Office opend
November1980Construction of tanks commenced
August1983Part of base facilities completed
September1983Stockpiling of crude oil commenced
September1985All base facilities completed
December2001Head Office moved from Tokyo to Rokkasho
February2004Following changes to the National Petroleum Stockpiling System, the company commenced management of the Mutsu-Ogawara National Petroleum Stockpiling Base under the contract with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)
September2006Achieving a Class 3 accident free hours(3,000,000hrs),acknowleded by the Monistry of Health,Lanour and Welfare
February2014Achieving a Class 4 accident free hours(4,400,000hrs),acknowleded by the Monistry of Health,Lanour and Welfare
December2019The 40th anniversary of company's establishment


Mutsu-Ogawara Oil Storage Co., LTD ROKKASHO BASE

By car 70min. from Shiodamomoishi IC.,Momoishi Road

By train 30 minutes by car from Noheji Rail Road Station

Location and Layout of the Base

Enlargement Map

The Structure of the Crude Oil Tank

The tanks used to store crude oil have a floating-roof configuration so that the deterioration of their contents as well as evaporation of petroleum components are kept to a minimum. In preparation for the winter months, the roof features a double-construction (or gdouble-deckh) structure, with steam plumbing arranged on top and sprinkler plumbing laid on the sidewall to melt snow accumulating on the rooftop. Further, the tanks are equipped with a foam firefighting system that permits remote control from the instrument room in the event of a fire. The tanks are thoroughly designed to contain accidents, supported by the presence of an oil embankment running a total length of 14 km and serving also as an on-base road, as well as bulkhead embankments and peripheral protective embankments.

1.Sprinkling Pipe 2.Foom Firefighing System 3.Measurement Facility 4.The steam plumbing for melting snow 5.Ladder 6.Manhole 7.Floating Roof Seal 8.Floating Roof Drainage Pipe 9.Bottom Plate 10.Wind Girder 11.Stair

Environment and
Management Systems

  • ISO14001 certified and registered in January 2000
  • ISO45001 certified and registered in January 2020

Mutsu-Ogawara Oil Storage Co., Ltd., vigorously implements and executes on a routine basis a number of programs aimed at improving the environment , including the safety and sanitation of the companyfs surroundings. The company aims to continue to augment the trust bestowed in it by society , by acknowledging its corporate responsibility to the global environment in the execution of its mission , as well by its unflagging efforts to maintain the safety and health of all those working in its facilities.